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2013 – A (Personal) Travel Year in Review

2013 was an interesting year. Both for me personally from a travel perspective and also for the travel industry. Several firsts and several changes – some for the good and some for the bad. Here are a few I care about. Personal Travel recap: Personally, 2013 was a very interesting year. I made it to…

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Alliance Wars: The post US Airways – American Airlines world – Part I

There are three alliances in the world of Air Travel: Star Alliance OneWorld and SkyTeam Of these three, Star Alliance has been a very dominant alliance – mainly because of the sheer number of airlines they have (28 at the time of posting this), as opposed to OneWorld (13) and SkyTeam (19). Across their members,…

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Big Birds – Wide Body Aircraft!

I love taking pictures of and flying in wide body aircraft. Sure beats an ERJ anyday! From a travel perspective, it’s all about comfort. The bigger planes are mode spacious, have higher ceilings, larger bins and in upper class, flat seats. Some narrow body aircraft do too, but they are few and far apart. As…

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