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Top 12 Articles for 2011

In honor of the soon to come 2012, here is my list of Top 12 Articles of 2011. (See list of Top 11 Article of 2010). This list is based on traffic to their pages. I have excluded article that were posted in 2010 (The post – Air India switches to all non-stop routes to…

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Continental-Amtrak go the Kim Kardhsian-Kris Humphries way

Just like the breakup between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, the not unexpected breakup between Continental OnePass and Amtrak Guest Rewards is here. As of the end of this year, with the merger of Continental OnePass Mileage program into United MileagePlus, one will no longer be able to earn Continental Miles on Amtrak train trips…

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The pain of tracking Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Yeah, I know there are websites that will track it for me all in one place – I have accounts with and , but they just don’t seem to be right or enough. … Staying at a hotel (duh, again, but this can become complex if one earns hotel points, airline miles or hotel points AND airline miles) Credit cards TopGuest Car rentals (for rental rewards or airline miles) Other sundry events, like filling out a survey, earning miles as compensation for a customer service event, etc.

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Raising Amtrak

As I get ready for another trip on Amtrak’s Acela to Philadelphia tomorrow, I can’t help but wonder what ails Amtrak and why it seems to struggle to make a profit? It is a provider of a much needed form of Mass transit, especially with todays fuel costs and high airline ticket prices. Other countries,…

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Amtrak Guest Rewards – Train MIles

In a recent article I reviewed my recent trip on Amtrak. In this article I continue my train story with reviewing Amtrak’s Frequent Traveler program – Amtrak Guest Rewards. It is actually a pretty good program with good earning rates, good redemption options and several partners – including an airline. Earning Miles Trains: Earning Miles…

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