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Missed opportunities

These come for me in two favors: one where I never even knew I could have earned extra miles (or extra EQM) till it was too late and second where I did what I needed to do to earn the miles, but the miles never posted and I lost track, till it was too late. … I use a spreadsheet to track all activity that has taken place which I think should earn miles – eating out, filling out surveys, customer service events, signing up for promos, etc.

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The pain of tracking Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Yeah, I know there are websites that will track it for me all in one place – I have accounts with and , but they just don’t seem to be right or enough. … Staying at a hotel (duh, again, but this can become complex if one earns hotel points, airline miles or hotel points AND airline miles) Credit cards TopGuest Car rentals (for rental rewards or airline miles) Other sundry events, like filling out a survey, earning miles as compensation for a customer service event, etc.


Feeling welcome! Hilton Rocks

Also, I would like to break the news about the new fitness and recreational amenities for our guests: We are offering a P90X class every Wednesday at 6:00pm. … In addition, we have partnered with The Lakes at El Segundo , a local golf course close to the hotel, that will offer a complimentary medium bucket of balls for the driving range to our guests.