Upgraded to the Presidential Suite

Every once in a while one gets lucky – an upgrade to a suite in a hotel. I was staying for one night at the Westchester Marriott in Westchester County, NY. It was an uneventful stay and a nondescript Marriott, in a non-so-exciting location. I showed up really late and was in for a surprise – as a Gold Elite they upgraded me to the Presidential Suite.

I wish it had happened on a longer duration stay, and when I was on a vacation with my family rather than by myself, for one night, for work, but that was the case.

The room was extremely nice. With a dining room, kitchen, living room and a bedroom. There was a swivel TV between the sitting area and the bedroom (see pictures). I wish it was amore exciting hotel with nicer amenities… Pictures of the room are attached.

IMG_0105.jpgIMG_0104.jpg  IMG_0103.jpgIMG_0102.jpg

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  1. Nice upgrade! I work for Fairmont hotels at the front desk, and will tell you about how we do upgrades…

    Usually, the only way someone is upgraded to a suite like that is if we are sold out of regular rooms and suites, and a top level member (who is guaranteed a room) shows up late, when we have checked in every other room. At that point, we always give it to the people staying the least amount of nights. Otherwise, you have to come in as a Distinguished Visitor or Special Attention, where either someone high up has given you a nice upgrade or we are making up for a past issue with service recovery.

    In any event, it’s always nice!

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