Lounge Review: United Lounge, Tokyo Narita Airport


United has a massive lounge in Tokyo’s Narita airport. I had been to Tokyo on a couple of occasions before, but I was just passing thru and ended up using the ANA lounges, as I was flying ANA. On my last trip, I was returning to the US from Tokyo and was flying United. It was a late evening flight – actually the last flight United has out of Tokyo – to San Francisco (SFO). As I reached the lounge pretty early, I had several hours to kill, enjoy the lounge and explore.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the lounge. It is fairly large. United has a big presence in Tokyo – with multiple flights daily to all the US hubs and also to Singapore (SIN), Hong Kong (HKG) and Seoul (ICN). Until recently, there was also a daily flight to Bangkok (BKK).


The second thing I noticed was the showers (see pictures). I had never had a shower in a lounge before and as I had time to kill and had a long flight ahead (after a long day at work), I decided to use the showers. They were spacious, clean and did not have a clock counting down the time I had, like they do on flights with showers. (Not showered on a flight till date either – thats next on my list, Emirates).  


The lounge itself had traditional Japanese decorations all over the lounge. Pictures are attached. The food and drink selections were good, though not what I had experienced in the ANA lounges on my previous Tokyo trips. I was expecting a more filling selections. What they had were really snacks. Drinks included a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, and of course, being Japan – a good selection of teas.

And there was an excellent view of flight operations. A United a 747 was parked right outside with its nose almost in the lounge. There was also an ANA 787 parked a couple of gates over.

The United gate with my flight was an unexpectedly long way off. I was expecting all the United gates to be near by. If you are using the lounge, be sure to check and budget enough time to get to your gate.IMG_2028.jpg

Rating: 4 out of 5. Certainly one of the better United lounges.IMG_2025.jpg IMG_2029.jpg

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