New features from SpiceJet – Yeah or Meh?

SpiceJet is now offering the convenience and flexibility of a choice of comforts. They call them Spice Add-ons.

Now services like preferred premium seat selection, hot meals on board – ooh, I like that one, excess baggage allowance, are offered at the time of booking your ticket on their website or later just as add-on to an existing booking.You can book excess baggage allowance at a discounted rate up to 12 hours before departure. The new on- board menu offers a choice of meals from different parts of India. You can also add travel insurance (meh) at the time of booking or add later.IMG_0765.jpg

Excess baggage allowance at a discounted rate could be a blessing specially if you travelled from another country. Your luggage may cost you more than flying yourself sometimes. Been there, done that. Usually 12 hours before flying you know how much luggage you will be carrying, so this add-on could be very useful.

Low cost airlines don’t have too many menu options, especially hot food. So being able to order food in advance, at a discounted price is a good choice to have. I tried some of their hot food options on one of my recent trips – not bad for a Low Cost Carrier (LCC)

All in all it sounds good. Some choices,definitely seems better than no choices at all. What do you think? Have you used any of these ‘add-on’ options from SpiceJet yet? Do share by leaving a comment.

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