Planespotting at Tokyo Narita Airport

Tokyo Narita (NRT) is a beautiful airport. This was my first time at Narita – I was passing thru on the recent 5 country 26,000 mile trip to South East Asia I took. I had a few hours at Narita that I spent mostly in the ANA lounge. The lounge has a great view or airport operations. I also had what appeared to be an extra long taxi out to the runway once I was on the plane. Both allowed me to take some great pictures for aircraft. Here are a few.


Japan Airlines 767.


A beautiful ANA 777


‘Artistic’ reflection of the same ANA 777.


An ANA 777 with a Singapore Airlines 777 in the background.


Japan Airlines 777 being towed


ANA 777 with a Qantas 747 in the background


My plane (ANA 777) coming up to the gate.


The prize catch – ANA 787!!


ANA 787 parked at a gate (note the wing tips), with a THAI 777 in the background.


A Polar cargo 747.

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  1. @Joey, three clues – a 777 has three sets of wheels on its rear landing gear. a 787 has only two. Second, the wing tips on a 787 are very different from a 777 – they curve backwards. Third, the 787’s jets have a zig-zag profile on their rear end. 777 jets do not.

    Now, this this case at NRT, I had help – the 787 has ‘787’ painted on its side 🙂

  2. How about telling a 767 from a 777? Up close, it seems easy but from a distance, I struggle to tell the difference.

  3. I spent 2 days spotting at NRT this summer in addition to a day at Haneda. Plane spotting in Tokyo never gets old!

  4. Re 767 vs 777… Look at number of doors, too. 767 will have two (or infrequently three) on each side. 777 will have four (-200) or five (-300).

    The extreme aft is also different. The 767 has a small round exhaust hole exactly in the center. The 777 has a straight blade at the tail, with an exhaust hole visible only on one side.

    Plus, the overall proportions are pretty different. That involves a bit more subtlety, you can tell a 767-200, 767-300, 777-200 and 777-300 each apart from each other purely on the dimensions.

  5. Also, the doors on the 767 just have a center porthole. 777( and 787) have larger windows on the aft side of each door; no center porthole.

  6. B767 also has droop to the circular tail cone whereas all B777 have an angled, square “pinched” tail cone. Also their engines look much more massive from the front. B767 wheels drop down hanging forward, whereas B777 drop down hanging towards the back in flight before landing.

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