The Massive A380s

The most recognizable of all commercial aircraft at one time was the Boeing 747. With its four jets and partial second deck, it was unique and more importantly, it rules the skies as the ‘jumbo-jet’, the largest passenger plane in the sky for decades.

United 747.jpg


The A380 has recently become just as recognizable. Also with four jets, it has two full decks and is MASSIVE! Their numbers have also grown in the last few years and almost all major airports I have been to in the recent past, I have seen a few. Here are a some pictures of A380s I took in the last few months. These pictures were taken at IAD, SFO, CDG, BKK, HKG and SIN.


Lufthansa A380 at SFO.


Emirates A380 pulls in at HKG


Thai Airways A380 at BKK.


Singapore Airlines A380 at SIN.


Air France A380 takes off at IAD


Malaysian Airlines A380 taxiing at CDG.


Air France A380 at a gate at IAD.

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