Win Free a $500 gift from National Car Rental – and get free rentals

National Car Rental has an exciting new promotion! To celebrate the return of 12Free (when you rent twice, you get a third rental, free!), National Car Rental is giving away $500 of prizes (outlined below) to one lucky reader from this blog!

To enter, here is all that you need to do:

Post a comment below sharing what your ‘Traveler Truth’ is – your rule of the road. For example: ‘pack light and only bring what you need’, ‘cook your meals instead of buying’, ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’.

The contest will last from now until Midnight EST, November 5th. At that time, I will draw a winner randomly from all valid entries. To be a valid entry, it needs to be a valid ‘Traveler truth’. ‘Arrive on time for your flight’ or something that trivial is not acceptable. You can enter only once. I will be checking email IDs to validate you have entered only once. You email ID must be valid to participate as that is what will be used to communicate with the winner.

Get Closer to a free rental!

In addition to being entered for the drawing, if you email in a screenshot of your comment, mention this blog in the email, and your Emerald Club number to, you will receive one free rental credit, essentially making the program: Rent One, Get One rental free!!

Furthermore (wait there’s more!), if any you sign up for the 12Free, and refer your Facebook friends or Twitter followers (there will be an option to share once you sign up), you will automatically receive one free rental credit for 12Free, or add on an additional free rental!

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 8.04.56 AM.png

The Prize!

The $500 prize from National Can Rental for the winner of the contest is:

National Car Rental’s Traveler Truth Prize Pack – $499.98
Swiss Army WT Wheeled Tote
Swiss Army WT Deluxe Garment Sleeve
One (1) $100 AMEX Gift Card

Enter now – leave a comment below!

** This contest has ended. A winner has been drawn and announced **

Note: All decisions about winning or disqualification are made by UnRoadWarrior and are final! I do not receive any compensation form National Car Rental for running this contest.

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  1. Life doesn’t go according to plan, so the truth is “be flexible and don’t panic if something doesn’t go according to the plan”.

  2. If I am traveling for 2 days, I always pack enough clothes for 3. Living in the Upper Midwest, one never knows if there will be weather cancellations. Better to be prepared!

  3. I always take my apple cords in hopes of a usb or aux in port is available to use my iphone on rentals to charge my phone and use Pandora!

  4. My traveler truth is I always take my apple cords in hopes of a usb or aux in port is available to use my iphone on rentals to charge my phone and use Pandora!

  5. We travel a lot to see mucisians in the best venue on their current tour. I always call ahead to the venue and or reach our to the artist directly to see what kind of opportunity I can create. We’ve met the Allman Brothers, Government Mule, Amos Lee, Peter Prince, Priscilla Ahn and many others. A little bit of time an effort goes a long way in creating unique experiences.

  6. Always take a few minutes to locate the emergency exits closest to your hotel room and remind yourself what to do if the fire alarm goes off.

  7. If you are checking luggage and you think you may need something, throw it in and be safe. If you leave it behind you can be sure you will end up needing it.

  8. I follow your directions the day you posted, now a week+ later still not showing any credits for taking part in this promotion. 🙁

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