Multiple opportunities to hoard up on Avios

British Airways has gone wild! They are giving us multiple opportunities to hoard up on Avios. I already have over 155,000 Avios in my household account and am loving these promotions they are running to get my Avios total way way up. Here are a few I found:

offer for 100,000 Avios!

British Airways has brought back its 100,000 Avios credit card from Chase. I blogged about this credit card offer in my post here. This is a great offer – 100,000 Avios for $20,000 spend in the first year. Even if you don’t hit the spend goals, it is 50,000 Avios after the first purchase and 25,000 Avios after the first $10,000 spent in the firs year (25,000 Avios after the 2nd $10,000 spend). Check it out – . My wife got this card last year. I got it this year. Glad to see it come back.

25% bonus on transferring Hotel points to Avios

British Airways just announced a promotion where it is offering a 25% bonus on transferring hotel points to Avios. List of participating hotels is available here. Not bad at all! Do note that point to Avios ratio varies by hotel. (Edit: corrected from original post)

Transfer BMI Miles to Avios

As I blogged just a couple of days ago, starting July 3rd, you will be able to transfer your BMI destination miles to Avios (or vice versa). If you have some BMI miles, add them to your Avios.

Remember, Avios also allows for household accounts which allow you to combine miles between family members. Great way to bump up your total Avios.

Happy Avios accumulation! I will end up with over 350,000 Avios by the time I am done!

Is there any other Avios promotion I may have missed? Do you plan to use any of these? Leave a comment.

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  1. I consider the transfer of my BMI miles to BA Avios to be a value-reducing transaction that’s not worth celebrating.

  2. Once you are done with your BA card spend, you will have an additional 12,500 points for each $10k.

  3. I believe Marriott transfers at a 5:1 ratio (10k to 2k), not 1:1, so 20k Marriott points would only get you 5k Avios

  4. Hilton transfers to BA 1:1? Am I zoned in a different points world? That would be epic…

  5. Be sure to hoard up a few thousand dollars for all the fuel surcharges you’ll eventually pay also.

  6. @Rob Ooh, I forgot all about the points I get for the spend too. The Credit card is even a better deal – 125,000 Avios for $20k spend

  7. @Oliver I agree that Avios may be worth less than BMI miles, but opportunities to earn more BMI look more and more limited.

  8. You could have a million AVIOS points, and it won’t matter. There is simply no availability to use the points. NEVER transfer anything to AVIOS, you will be sorry.

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