Update on Mileage Plus partner accrual on LH and LX

a large white airplane at an airportI had reported earlier that United (UA) has quietly changed the EQM (Elite Qualifying Miles) and RDM (Redeemable Miles) earning policy on partners like Lufthansa (LH) and Swiss Air (LX). It was done without any announcement around Sep 27.

I had booked a ticket on LH T class on Sep 26. According to the earlier charts it was supposed to earn 100% EQM and RDM. The new charts show 0% EQM and RDM. There was confusion on which chart United would follow. The general consensus was that UA would follow the new charts and there was an outrage on this thread on Flyertalk.

A friend of mine flew LH T class on Sep 28 and she was credited 100% EQM and RDM. Some others too have reported that they are getting credits for the flights for LH and LX that were booked before Sep 27 according to the old charts.

Now that is good news. UA is acting sane!

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