US Airways Airline Miles Gift Registry

US Airways, not typically known for being ahead of the rest, has come up with a unique and admittedly cute way to increase mileage sales and help people reach mileage goals – they have created a Mileage Gift Registry!

Here is how it works – someone expecting a gift (newly weds wanting miles to go on a honeymoon, college student raising miles for Spring Break, retirees looking for that dream trip…) sets up a gift registry. They set a goal of how many total or additional miles they need. They then share the Gift Registry with friends and family. Anyone they invite can then transfer miles from their account or buy them miles. Simple.

Here is a quote from US Airways website:

Anyone can purchase miles for you and have them automatically deposited into your account. Or, if you know someone who is a Dividend Miles member, they can transfer miles from their account to yours.

I think it is a great idea. What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Great for US Airways. Probably not great for the recipient (unless they know how to use miles efficiently) or the sender (unless they know they can often gift or share miles at a significant discount). If it was me I would ask for cash and buy or transfer the miles when there is a promotion.

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