Are you feeling lucky enough to earn 280K AAdvantage miles?

No, this isn’t another Glittergate. It is a photo competition that American Airlines (AA) is sponsoring. The weekly prize is a Nikon D3000 camera. The grand prize is 280K AAdvantage miles. It is pretty easy to enter the competition, just upload a photo and you are done.

Sounds sweet? A short reminder: The D3000 will create a tax burden of ~$500 and the 280K AAdvantage miles will create a tax burden of ~$5500. Assuming ~30% tax, you would be shelling ~$2K for the 280K miles; a good deal if you need the miles.

Oh, I went too far in my calculations. The 280K miles is for one winner only. Hope this helps someone!

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  1. 280K even at the highest tax bracket still makes that relatively reasonable. Nice to see the ARV isn’t set at some astronomical cpm rate that you’d have to argue come tax time.

  2. The offer that came to my mailbox said the grand prize is 2 [coach] tix to anywhere AA flies.

    That’s a LOT LESS than 280K.

  3. @Steve if you go through the details you will see that the total prize is 280K AA miles ‘which is enough for 2 roundtrip’ coach tix anywhere in the world

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