Is Hilton adding a new reward category?

SC Flier reported on milepoint that the Bentley Hotel in London is showing up as a Category 8 hotel. Hilton is infamous for inflating award charts and adding new categories every year or so. Currently the highest hotel category is Category 7 which can be redeemed for 50K in low season. Redemption at the Bentley requires 60K HHonors in low season and 80K in high season.

While this may be a mistake, I think this is just a harbinger for more bad news. I would definitely consider ditching Hilton if there is a category shift again!

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. Thanks Hilton but no thanks, I’ll take an Intercontinental location for 30K/40K max. I can’t ever see myself using 60K points in any program for a single night. That’s just ridiculous.

  2. @ ArizonaGuy I too think the same, it is totally ridiculous if Hilton goes ahead with this!

  3. I believe the Bentley is a Waldorf property. It may be that Hilton is creating a new “category” for Waldorf hotels as they did not fall within the 7 categories before. The Grand Wailea has the same 60/80k requirements and is also a Waldorf.

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