3000 FREE AAdvantage miles

a plane parked on the tarmacAmerican Airlines has been extremely generous this year handing out miles. Here’s another such offer. You can get up to 3000 AAdvantage miles for just signing up for their emails.
If you already subscribe to their emails, make sure to unsubscribe all emails before you enter your AAdvantage number on this LINK. To be eligible for getting the full 3000 miles, the email subscriptions have to be maintained for at least 3 months.
Terms and Conditions
1. Begins July 7, 2011, and ends at 11:59 A.M. CDT September 6, 2011
2. Participants can either (i) become a new subscriber to one or more of the following email products: AAdvantage eSummary®, AAirmail®, Net SAAver Fares®, AAdvantage® Promotions, and AAVacations® Travel Picks; OR (ii) set and/or modify the online preferences associated with their AAdvantage® account, and be eligible to receive 500 American Airlines AAdvantage

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  1. Not working for me. I deleted the selections on my account before and for all 3 family members but, i am not elligible. I also change my adress to a usa one. No chance… Could it be because they see my ip adress and they know i am from canada ?

  2. @ Dan, after making the changes it is best to wait a while before going for appraisal. The offer is supposed to continue till Sep 6, you can take a shot 1 month later. I don’t think AA would discriminate based on your ip address

  3. I keep getting “Thanks for being a loyal member. You are not eligible for this appraisal”. This is on the opening screen once I enter my AA #. I have deselected all subscriptions and still nothing. Any thoughts?

  4. The site keeps telling me too that I’m not eligible. I’m based in Europe. These US based programs really suck for EU residents…

  5. BEFORE AA went to create the promotion, they pulled all accounts of all offers for which had subscribed to each segment of offers beforehand the start date.That is why some of yourselves are not qualifying for some or none of the miles.
    It is pot luck if you unsubscribe after the promotion has started(after AA had pulled acct subscription history to whether you can unsubscribe and later re-subscribe.
    One thing you can atleast unsubscribe from all newsletters and all emailed monthly statements and try much later is view whether it works.
    If it fails, then stay unsubscribed until the next newsletter-offers promotion in advance.
    Do the same for Delta since currently they do not have a promotion like AA,but surely will.Unsubscribe in advance is always best.

  6. Thanks! Worked perfectly for me. I had to unsubscribe to one of the lists first, and got the full 3,000 points.

  7. Hi!
    I signed up for there, but have yet to receive my 3000 miles (it’s been a couple of months now). You said that the notifications have to be on for 3 months. Will we receive our miles 3 months after subscription? Thanks!

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