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Amazing Deal: 100K Bonus for Chase Sapphire Card!

a plane on the runwayMost of you must have heard about the 50K sign up bonus Ultimate Rewards points offer for the Chase Sapphire Card. Now it gets even better: buddychan (on FatWallet) has reported of an offer for 100K bonus sign up bonus Ultimate Rewards points! However, it appears to be targeted.


If you have already applied for the Chase Sapphire Card in the last two months, it might be worth an effort to send them a secure message requesting them to match this new offer. If you haven’t, it is probably better to wait to see if you get targeted. I hope this 100K offer comes my way!

If you were wondering about the value of the 100K Ultimate Reward points, they are worth at least $1000 if you redeem in gift cards, $1250 if you redeem for travel on Ultimate Rewards website. But I am sure none of you would do that. These points transfer 1:1 to Continental (CO), British Airways (BA), Amtrak, Marriott, Priority Club. These transfers could give it immense value.

I am really excited about this offer. If you get to know how to get this card without being targeted, do let me know.


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  1. Ultimate Rewards points can also be transferred to Hyatt points, which are generally deemed more valuable than Marriott or Priority Club points.

  2. It seems everyone who has the card will get the deal as long as you send an email to the secured email site at CHASE. My wife got the card last month from INGY’s link (so he gets some credit for the link) and only 1/2 way into the $3000 spend and got the 50k bump right away with the next 50k when we finish the spend.

    I am thinking about jumping on the deal also and as soon as I get the card in the mail send off and email. I can not see them saying no at this point but YMMV as always.

    I would love to see Rick be able to put up a 100k link. It may come soon you never know now-a-days when 100k is the new std for a card. Crazy times. I am up to 1.1 million points (wife+me) this year already and would think I could net 2 million plus by year end. Just nutz!

  3. @Ray When researching UR points yesterday, I didn’t find any Hyatt on the list. However, last time when I saw it. Hyatt was on the list. Hyatt would be awesome. 100K points means 4 nights at park Hyatt Paris!

  4. Don’t transfer these to Priority Club since you can buy them fro 0.6 cents per point using the cash and points trick.

    Like Ray mentioned, one of the better transfers is to Hyatt!

  5. @ Daraius Yes I should have put that warning. I think even redeeming for Marriott is not advisable since UR points can have lot more value.

    @ Diana I am waiting for a clear answer too. However as Daraius has mentioned in his blog, if you apply for the 50K points offer and then later ask Chase to honor the 100K offer by secure email, you may get lucky. It is a huge YMMV though!

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