Upto 75% bonus on hotel point to US Airways Dividend Miles transfer

US Airways has brought back the promo this year. You can get up to 75% bonus on hotel points to Dividend miles (DM) transfer. Everybody gets at least 25% bonus miles. On top of that you get


  • An extra 25% if you’re a Dividend Miles Preferred member
  • And another 25% if you have a US Airways credit or debit card

The offer is only valid until May 31. So hurry if you want to transfer. Almost all major hotel chains are DM partners. However, transferring Starwood points would be the most lucrative.

20K Starwood points will convert to 43.75K miles if you are a DM preferred member with US Airways credit card. That is almost enough for a transcon in business class.

Personally, I wouldn’t take advantage of this US Airways promotion. One SPG points are much more valuable to me than two Dividend miles. But, as we have said before on this blog – the value of a mile is based what you want to redeem it for.

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