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If you had an infinite wallet, what credit cards would you carry? – Part II

Attention-worthy credit cards

In the first part of this post, I talked about the value of various miles/point currencies out there. In general, the value of all such currencies should be given by a range. However, the aim of our valuation was to compare these currencies with direct cashback and then compare the rewards available from various credit cards.

In the part 2 of this series, I will try to list all attention-worthy credit cards i.e., all credit cards that earns enough rewards to be worthy of anyone’s attention. In part 3, I will compare the rewards obtained from these cards to conclude which card gives the best bang for the buck for purchases in any particular spending category. Again, if I am missing out on any card, please let me know via a comment in the comment section. Airline Credit Cards.jpg

Airline Cards

Almost all airline cards earn >1mile per $ when buying tickets with the co-branded card on their website and 1 mile on other purchases. I am listing only those that give more than the normal value in any category.

Asiana Airlines American Express Card (2 Asiana miles per $, 3 miles at select grocery stores)

Mileage Plus Select Visa (2 miles on gas, home improvement purchases, groceries, dining and Star Alliance® purchases)

British Airways Visa (1.25 British miles for every purchase)

There are also cards like Alaska Airlines Visa are worth having since they offer a $99 companion pass. But I am excluding them from this analysis.

Fidelity Aeroplan Amex (2 Aeroplan miles per $), Visa (1.5 Aeroplan miles per $). Note that this card is also a 2% cashback card.

Hotel Affinity Cards

Almost all hotel affinity cards give more than 1 point per $ for purchases on their website and 1 point for all other purchases. I have listed only the bonus points earned in any category.

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card

Hilton HHonors Amex (6 points per dollar for Grocery stores (excludes warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club), Drugstores, Gas stations, Wireless and home phone, Internet, Cable/satellite providers, 3 points per dollar for other categories).

Hyatt Visa

Choice Visa (2 points on all purchases)

Priority Club Visa (2 points per dollar for Gas, groceries and dining)

Marriott Rewards Premier Visa (2 points per dollar for: airline, Dining, Rental car)

Other cards considered: Best Western Mastercard, Wyndham Visa(2 points on all purchases), The La Quinta® Visa®Rewards.

Other Point cards

Capital One Venture Rewards (2 cents per $. Points normally worth one cent)

American Express Blue Cash (5% cash back at supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores, plus up to 1.25% cash back for all your other purchases. Points normally worth one cent)

Discover Escape(2 cents per $. Points normally worth one cent.)

American Express Blue Sky Preferred (2 points on all dining, hotel, and car rental purchases, and 1 point per dollar for all other eligible purchases. Each point is worth 1.33 cents when redeeming for travel)

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card (3X Membership Rewards points on airfare, 2X points on gas and groceries)

Priceline Visa (2 points (cents) on groceries, home improvement or utilities)

Travelocity American Express (5 points on Travelocity purchases, 2 points for each $1 spent on the preferred category you choose – gas, groceries or restaurant, each point is worth 2 cents if redeeming on Travelocity)

Citi Forward (5 Thank You points per $ on dining purchases and entertainment. One point is roughly worth 1 cent.)

Cashback Cards

Almost all cashback cards earn 1% on every purchase. I have listed only those that give more than the usual in any category.

Fidelity American Express (2% cashback or 2 Aeroplan miles/$)

Chase Freedom (5% in rotating categories, cap of $1500 in purchases per quarter)

Discover More (5% in rotating categories, cap of $300-800 in purchases every quarter)

Chase BP Visa (5% on BP purchases, 2% on all travel and dining purchases)

American Express True Earnings Card From Costco (3% cash back for annual gasoline purchases of up to $3,000 (1% thereafter), 3% for restaurants, 2% for travel)

Most of these cards have annual fees. So, the net rewards earned would be much lesser. I would analyze that in a future post. However, for the purpose of this series, I have neglected the annual fees on every card.

Am I missing any important card? Let me know.

Click here for Part III.

– The Nomad

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  1. You’ve gotta be careful on recommending the AMEX Blue Cash card. You only get 5 cents per purchase on Gas, Supermarkets and Drug Stores AFTER you’ve spent $6,500 on the card in one year. You’re only getting one penny per point until then. And don’t forget the Starwood card is not just a hotel card. You can transfer StarPoints in 28 different airline programs.

  2. @ Karl, Thanks for the comments. Most of these cards either have an annual fee or have higher rate that kicks in after a certain spend. I was only trying to list out the various cards. However I will take up the issue in the next part.

    Starpoints are worth much more as hotel points. As airline miles card, it is worth only 1.25 miles per dollar. Yield wise, Fidelity Amex with points converted to Aeroplan miles is a much better option. However the best part of Starwood is that it gives you flexibility.

  3. @The Nomad. Impressive list.

    Base on this , the American Gold card is by far the best, even with the annual fee included. The services are just unmarched by others providers.

    second on the list will be the Chase Freedom Card. For the frequent traveller this will be the way to go


    Did you consider the SPG Card from American Express? This is an awesome card as well

    What about the Chse Sapphire Preffered Card? I am surprised you missed that one

  4. @ Sam. The Chase Sapphire card gives you 1.07 mile per dollar. I did not list it because there are better cards out there (see part III) of the analysis.

    I did consider the Starwood American Express card. It is by far one of the best hotel rewards card.

    I am a fan of Chase Freedom but then it doesnt earn miles/points.

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