Qatar Airways – Now up to 100 Destinations (and free tickets!)

Qatar Airways from the Emirate of Qatar is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. They are working hard to match up with their elder sibling – Emirates. As Emirates has developed a reputation of an airline with a global network, excellent in-air service and brand new aircraft with extra comfortable seats, Qatar is matching up. Qatar Airways.jpg

Qatar Airways – Global Reach

Qatar Airways flies to close to 100 destinations out of their hub in Doha (DOH, no I am not pretending to be a character out of The Simpsons, that is the airport code). These include three locations in the US – Washington, DC (IAD), New York (JFK) and Houston (IAH); 18 cities in the Indian Subcontinent; one in Australia – Melbourne (MEL); two in South America – Buenos Aires (EZE) and Sao Paulo (GRU) and multiple cities of course, in the Middle East and Africa. Their fleet includes 95 aircraft, including the long range A346’s and B773ER’s, giving them a global reach.

Qatar Airways is celebrating their getting to 100 destinations by giving away 100 pairs of tickets. Click here to register.

Airline Partners

Similar to Emirates, they have also decided not to join any airline alliance. They have built a good set of airline partners with whom they have code-share relationships. Their list is not as extensive as Emirates yet, but it is good, extending their global reach across all continents and multiple alliances.

  • ANA
  • Asiana
  • bmi
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia
  • MEA (of Lebanon)
  • Philippine Airlines
  • United
  • US Airways

They also have a partnership with SCNF, the French National Railways.

Hub Airport

Doha International is much smaller than Dubai International (DXB), but it has all the features of Dubai, with a world class terminal and excellent duty free offerrings. They also have a concierge service called Al Maha, just like Dubai’s Marhaba service. Doha is developing to an international hub too, thanks to Qatar Airways growing network. Several travelers from the US traveling to the Indian Subcontinent are picking routes thru Doha (or Dubai on Emirates).

In the Air

I have not had the opportunity to fly on Qatar Airways. If someone has flown them, please share your in-flight experience by leaving a comment below.

I will follow up with an article on their Frequent Flier program – Privilege Club real soon.

– UnRoadWarrior

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  1. I flew Qatar economy class few years ago on their medium and long haul flights. It was by far the best Economy class experience I have ever had, the moment you step into the aircraft you feel good, the colors and the distinctly new aircraft feel. More space then on competitors in economy and the food service that was really well thought through, instead of the last people getting their food in about an hour on a A330/A340 size plane everyone got theirs in about 15 minutes.

    For long haul economy flights definitely my number 1 recommendation!

  2. @Jaanus Thanks for sharing. They fly out of my home airport (IAD). I hopt to fly them sometime soon.


  3. Certainly Qatar airways is doing a good job but unfortunately slightly more expensive than other middle east airlines and definitely so few connections in US. Being SFO as my home airport, every time I look at the travel options, I always pass Qatar airways and chose Emirates for money and convenience. I wish they have more connections in US.

  4. Qatar is a nation, not an emirate and it is NOT part of the U.A.E. so calling Emirates (the airline) a sibling of Qatar (the airline) is a real stretch….

  5. @Burj, I understand that Qatar is not a part of the UAE. I never said that in my post. It is however officially an Emirate and its ruler is called it’s Emir (see – I consider them and Emirates as siblings as they both from the middle east.

  6. I have flown Qatar from IAD to BOM and back in Jan 2010. The service was good. Food and entertainment was good too. They are a bit pricey, but their prices are good for last minute travel.

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