Do US Airlines Saddle Fliers with Exhorbiant Fees? Hilarious Video


Taiwan news providers are notorious for making animated videos to help explain situations to their viewers. I remember seeing multiple animated videos during last years Leno-Conan late nite war. One of my readers shared this animated video by Next Media Animation with me. It is hilarious. It outlines the way US based airlines are charging fees for everything, especially checked bags.

From an editorial perspective, while I disagree with US airlines’ approach towards baggage and other random fees, I do not fully condone the content in the video or even understand it all for that matter – bouncer at the check-in counter, really?! – but it is a funny video.

Enjoy… and leave a comment below.

Click here to watch video on YouTube.

Video courtesy of: Next Media Animation

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  1. A little bit over the top. However, there is some truth to the fact that all these surcharges did not improve the travel experience for the passengers, just the airlines financial bottom lines. Sometimes it feels like airlines have forgotten how to make money the old fashioned way, core operations.

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