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I am a fanatic when it comes to being able to keep in touch with my family when I travel. I also have business interests in multiple countries, that keeps me searching for cheaper, better ways to make calls to multiple countries in the world, while traveling. I have tried calling cards, Skype, online calling services like Google voice. I have finally found what I think is a ‘killer app’ for my needs. I present to you Rebtel.

Note, I am not being payed by Rebtel or any other entity to write this review. I am doing this on my own. However, in full disclosure, if you sign up for Rebtel using the link below, I will receive a small referral fee.

One stop solution:

What I like the most about Rebtel is that it is a one stop solution for calling any country, from both cell and land lines. They have great rates and there is no 800 # to call or any PIN to enter. With calling cards I have used, I had to get different calling cards for almost every country that I wanted to call. There were also always long access numbers and/or PIN #s to dial.

Local Number to call:

What makes Rebtel really unique is that for each international # that I want to call, it assigns me a local number to call. This is a permanent local number that maps to that person whom I will be calling. I can save that number can call it amy time I want and it calls the actual international number. The Rebtel App on iPhone/Android actually adds this local number to my address book, if I want it to. Great for numbers I call often. Google voice also calls a local number, but that number changes with every call. I cannot save it.

Free Calls:

For countries where Rebtel has local numbers, you can actually make free calls. When you call someone say in Brazil from the US, you will be calling a US number, they will in turn see a local Brazil number on their phone. They can save that and actually call you back on that local number. As you ar enow both calling local numbers, the call is free for both (not counting local minutes used).

Mobile site and apps:

As mentioned above, Rebtel has apps for iPhone and Android phones. For all other, it has a mobile site that is great. I use the mobile site from by BlackBerry. Hopefully they will add a BlackBerry app soon. I really like the ability to save the ‘local’ numbers to by address book.

Sign up here for Rebtel: Cheap International Calls with Rebtel – Save up to 90%

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