Pictures from the Window seat

Here are a dozen cool pictures I took from my window seat over several flights. Enjoy…

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  • Ft. Lauderdale waterfront
  • Montego Bay Airport
  • Clouds over San Diego
  • Bridge near SFO
  • Plane landing at San Diego
  • Andrews Air Force Base
  • Plane landing at SFO
  • IAD airport
  • Takeoff view from rear facing window
  • Just clouds
  • Mountains near Denver
  • United Boeing 757 warming its engines

Ft. Lauderdale water.jpg

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Montego Bay Airport.jpg

San Diego Clouds.jpg

SFO Bridge.jpg Plane landing at San Diego.jpg Andrews Air Force Base.jpg Plane taking off at IAD.jpg IAD airport.JPG Rear facing takeoff.JPG Clouds.JPG Rocky Mountains nead Denver.JPG United B757 warming up.JPG



  1. Very nice, I’m a window picture-taker, too. Never know what you’re gonna see. Nice job, thanks for posting.

  2. Darren, Thanks. I should start a Flickr group for readers who want to share their ‘window seat’ pictures… 🙂

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