10 Signs you fly too much…

  1. You may not know the balance of your checking account, but you know your airline frequent miles account balance – both RDM and 2222817760_a837d014d2_o.jpgEQM!
  2. You refer to cities by their airport codes rather than their regular names. ‘My parents live in CMH, but we are originally from MSY…’
  3. Your family is surprised to hear that other peoples families actually have to pay for the tickets to their vacations
  4. You catch any mistakes in the pre-flight safety announcement made by the Flight Attendant
  5. You know which airline flies out of which gate at your home airport
  6. You know which airline flies out of which gate at an airport other than your home airport
  7. You know at least one Gate Agent, one Flight Attendant and one Pilot by name
  8. You don’t need to go to seatguru.com to tell what the good seats to sit in any aircraft are
  9. You recommend restaurants to friends that are in airports
  10. You hit the recline button and fall asleep on the plane as soon as the wheels are off the ground!

Yours truly, guilty as charged for all of the above…

If you have any of your own, just add them to the comments.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, had a few laugh out loud moments when readings these.

    My second favourite is you know your a frequent flier when you get out of bed and walk into a brick wall, hotel room disorientation …….I never thought it would happen to me!

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