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Hotel Review: DCs newest gem – The Marriott Marquee

IMG_2640.jpgDC has a new hotel. It is the Marriott Marquis in Downtown DC. It opened last year and is a gem in a city with several good, but mostly aging hotels. The first thing that hits you about this hotel is the openness. The vast sky high lobby with its exquisite layout is a breath of fresh air. The architecture is modern, and the hotel ‘feels’ fresh and upbeat.

The rooms were great – I got one with a lobby view, which was not bad at all (see picture). The hotel has a great ‘M Lounge’ which provides an awesome view of DC from its balcony. Breakfast in the lounge was excellent with ample selections!

Like any downtown hotel, parking is expensive. The good news was that over the weekend (while I was there), there was ample free street parking just a block from the hotel. I am sure this is not true on the weekdays. I know the meters are not free on weekdays for sure.

All in all, I loved the hotel and would choose to stay there over any other hotel in DC that I have checked out.  IMG_2641.jpg IMG_2642.jpg IMG_2636.jpg IMG_2637.jpg IMG_2638.jpg

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