What you missed while the BoardingArea.com homepage was down

a large white airplane at an airportThe BoardingArea.com homepage stopped updating for some time over the last couple of days. If you are like me, you probably go to the homepage to see what all the wonderful bloggers at BoardingArea are writing, instead of visiting their individual blogs. It is a wonderful single page view of all the people who matter in the Airline Mile and Hotel Point Blogoshpere. When it came back up yesterday, it of course picked up in real time and all the wonderful posts for two days were missed. I had been following these posts via boardingarea’s twitter feed (another great way to keep up) and had seen some great posts. For those who may have missed them during the downtime, here are ones I found:

Starting with my own (tooting my own horn first):

Totally flawed Newsweek article advices avoiding Airline Miles

My heroes – couple collects 670k points with credit cards!

From Wandering Aramean:

Air India’s 787 takes flight. Sortof… (AI is getting a 787, one day…)

Going long at DCA (Good for all of s in the DC area)

From Mommy Points:

The New United Award Ticket Hold Policy (United getting picky…)

From LufthansaFlyer:

Mark Your Calendars To Win 2 Tickets For Lufthansa’s Inaugural 747-8i Flight!! (Woo hoo!)

From RoadWarriorette:

Flight attendants gone wild (yep! The title says it all)

Enjoy! The boardingarea.com home page is functioning and updating fine. Remember to book mark it.

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