Expert Tip #2 – Focus on one airline

Focus all your Airline Mile earnings – from all sources (flying, credit card, surveys, etc.) – on one airline or no more than one airline per Alliance. The thinking here is pretty simple and straightforward. If you do not do this, you end up diluting your miles earned and also potentially lose your ability to get to a higher Elite Level in one airline. 25,000 miles earned with one airline’s program is worth much more than 10,000 miles spread out over 5 or even 12,500 over two. If you have the miles on one airline, they may be enough to get you are free roundtrip ticket and if earned in one year, enough to get you to an Elite status level. Spread out, the miles are not worth much at all.

Read my earlier posts to learn more about the reason to pick one airline and how to pick an Airline and an Alliance.

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