Last Call for 2011 – Link your United and Continental Accounts

If you have earned status miles (EQM) in 2011 in both your United and Continental accounts, you need to act fast and link the two accounts. United is working on combining the programs in the first quarter of 2012. In the meanwhile, if you have earned miles in both accounts, linking them will allow you to:

  1. Transfer miles from one to the other. If you don’t do this, United will transfer all your miles to the final combined account (but they still need to know that you have two accounts – so link them).
  2. Combine EQM to earn Elite Status based on your net total. his applies only if you earned EQM on both programs. I did. I earned miles on CO for all my short-haul US Airways flights. (CO gives a minimum 500 miles for sub-500 mile US Airways flight to all it’s Elites, whereas United does not. It remains to be seen what will happen once the two programs combine).
  3. Notify United that you have two accounts that need to be merged into one. This is important to combine and mileage balance you may have in both accounts (see #1) and also to combine lifetime miles flown.

The only urgent matter here is for your status in 2012. If you need EQM from both programs to be added to reach your status goal, then you need to link the accounts, else, you can do this anytime before the actual merger. Final last call will come them.

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