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YMMV: Double OnePass Miles on Dining, Retail and Entertainment purchases until Aug 8

a large airplane on the runwayContinental OnePass Plus Card is becoming my go-to card for dining purchases. I had blogged earlier about double miles opportunity on dining, gas and grocery purchases until June 13.


I figured out this would be a good time to call up Chase since the older promotion had ended. And I am glad I did. The Chase rep told me that most Chase OnePass cardmembers are getting 2X miles on retail, entertainment purchases from June 8 to Aug 8. No registration is required.

I asked for clarification on what ‘retail’ meant. I was told that the bonus is for all merchants who classify their location as one of the following categories: bookstores, clothing stores (including show, accessory and specialty apparel stores), convenience stores, department stores, dining establishments (excluding fast food), movie theatres, video rental stores, theatres, concerts, comedians etc.

This is a healthy bonus. However YMMV (Your mileage may vary). So, call up Chase and ask if there is a promotion on your account. Also, those of you who have recently got the card, it might be good to keep at the back of your mind that this card offers 10K bonus OnePass miles for >$25K in purchases from June 1 to Dec 31.


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