75K Membership Reward Points for American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card (YMMV)

American Express MR Promotion.jpg(HT: Flyertalk thread and our reader Sean)


Most of you already know about the 25K Membership Reward (MR) Points signup bonus offer for American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. Regular readers also know that I applied for the card with this offer in my latest mini App-O-Rama.

Our reader Sean alerted me that there is 75K targeted offer for this card right now. Then I found this flyertalk thread where the OP said that the bonus code for the 75K offer is ‘5894’. I immediately called American Express Customer Service (1-800-528-4800). I explained to them that I had recently been approved for the Premier Rewards Gold Card with 25K MR signup bonus. However, there is a 75K signup bonus with offer code ‘5894’. I told them that normally I throw away my junk mail. So, I am not sure if I am eligible for this offer. After a bit of hold, the rep told me that the bonus code has been applied to my account. I would need to call them up after I had spent $500 in 3 months to get the 75K bonus.

I am not sure if I was really targeted for the offer. I do throw away my junk mail; but I scan them for any credit card offers. I don’t remember receiving any mailing from American Express. But then, I could have missed it.

If you have never had an Amex charge card or have closed it at least 2 years earlier, this might be worth a shot! 75K MR points is a lot!!

If you are still wondering why I am excited at having got this offer, see this post. Best of Luck!

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  1. I called them up and told them of the same story. They sent the request to “an account specialist” for review, and told me I would be notified in the mail.

    They didn’t apply it right away. Advice?

  2. In my case, I think they did. I asked them later via email if the offer had been applied. The email rep replied saying that he could see the offer on my account.

  3. I just called and it worked for me. I was told to call in 6-8 weeks if points have not posted yet and notes were placed in my account to confirm/verify the conversation in case anyone rebuttles.


  4. I’ve had this card for a few weeks for the 25K promotion.

    I called, gave them the code, and was told they were not aware of the promotion. I was told they had one for 50,000 miles but wanted to cancel my current card which would be reflected on my credit report. As a matter of fact, I have never seen American Express add miles to a current account…only cancel the card and then apply for the other promotion for the SAME card. Crazy.

  5. Hey Allen,

    Did you take the name/number of the Rep. I have tried calling multiple times but they all say, I am not eligible. I received my Gold Premier Rewards card in March 2011, and got 10K bonus promotion.

  6. Hi Nomad, thanks for your post. I applied the card following the “25K Membership Reward (MR) Points” thread. Now I got the card and I’ve called them three times but no luck. I know I didn’t get this offer.
    I also hope to know the number of that nice rep.

    Also, two reps mentioned RSVP code, which i know is a long code different for different people i guess. Can I use my friend’s RSVP code on my account? he got a 50k bonus one, better then my current 25k…Thanks, I like this website(suddenly I found so many good credit cards!)

  7. @Jessica Call up a Membership Rewards customer service rep and just tell him/her the bonus code. Several FTers have reported getting it after many tries. You can also email the customer service and try your luck. Hang up and call. That is the rule.

    Your friend’s RSVP code probably wouldn’t work. They are tied to a particular name and address.

  8. it worked for me!!!!! i called and gave that code(5894) and was told it would apply in 2 months after spending $500.00 so i kept a eye on it and to make sure i called on the 60 day mark and within 24 hours BAM 75k was there!!!

  9. If you aren’t targeted, you aren’t eligible. Period. Potential and existing cardmembers are very specifically targeted for specific offers. Reps are now required to have cardmembers fax in the offer they got in the US mail or email to verify eligibility. WAit for an offer to come to YOU. It may be better than asomethign scavenged from a website for the cheap & greedy.

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